Cosmetic Nail Restoration

Nails affected by fungus, dystrophies and trauma can take a long time to heal. For fungal nails, you may only get visible results three months after starting treatment, and it may take six months to a year to restore its original appearance. However, understandably, this extended waiting period may be too much for you to handle. For this reason, we offer KeryFlex nail restoration. A resin-based, natural-looking artificial nail that provides an immediate cosmetic improvement to your damaged nails. KeryFlex is safe, painless, looks and feels natural and won’t interfere with your treatment or cause tissue damage. 

Is cosmetic nail restoration right for you?

KeryFlex is purely cosmetic and not intended to cure disease. This treatment reforms the look and feel of your nail if you have mild to moderate nail damage caused by injury, trauma, deformities or fungal infections. 

Being a purely cosmetic option, we only recommend KeryFlex nail restoration if you want a fast-acting solution to restore the look of your feet while your nails finish healing. However, KeryFlex isn’t compatible with everyone. If your feet have poor sensitivity to pain or touch, poor circulation, lesions or ingrown toenails—KeryFlex nail restoration isn’t safe to use. We don’t recommend this procedure if you are pregnant, nursing, or allergic to any of its ingredients. If this treatment appeals to you, discuss it with your foot care practitioner during your appointment to determine if it’s appropriate for your specific case.

What to expect during your visit

After your foot care practitioner completes your health evaluation, they’ll explain their findings and the treatment options available to you. At this time, they may offer to restore the look of your nails with KeryFlex nail restoration if applicable to your situation.  Your foot care practitioner will proceed with the procedure only once you both agree that it’s right for you. Treatment consists of applying the resin directly onto the nail or nail bed and then lightly hardening and “bonding” it to the surface. Your foot care practitioner will then mould and polish the nail to give it a natural appearance. Only one session is required to complete the procedure.

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Desperate for a cosmetic upgrade to cover up your malformed or discoloured nails? KeryFlex nail restoration may be just what you need to regain your confidence. Our Ottawa-based clinic offers comprehensive care for all demographics and the most modern, cutting-edge foot care techniques and treatments in the Capital Region. Together we’ll find the best solution that fits your needs and restore the appearance of your feet.

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