Fungal Nail Treatments

Fungal nails are notoriously hard to cure; all the while, the embarrassment may make you uncomfortable showing off your feet. Here at Greenberg podiatry, we offer the most modern, cutting-edge, effective fungal nail removal techniques available, and will succeed where over-the-counter solutions often fail. With a quick turnaround, our non-invasive fungal nail removal services will get you back to being comfortable in sandals and walking barefoot on the beach.

When should you visit a foot care practitioner? 

If your infection is minor and doesn’t bother you, you can often ignore it. Even with treatment, fungal nails are difficult to cure and often re-emerge with a vengeance. Over-the-counter antifungal preparations that you apply on and under the nail are widely available, but they aren’t very effective. We recommend you visit your foot care practitioner if:

  • Your infection is resistant to or recurs after treatment with over-the-counter products
  • You have pain in your toes or feet
  • Your nails are discoloured, thickened, crumbled or deformed
  • You’d rather use a faster, more effective and long-lasting treatment than over-the-counter options

It’s imperative to see your doctor if you’ve developed fungal nails and have diabetes or are a part of another high-risk group. People with diabetes are at greater risk of developing serious complications.

Fungal nails begone!

Unfortunately, no treatment option boasts a 100% cure rate for every patient. Every case responds differently to the current suite of available antifungal preparations, and most methods have drawbacks. Medicine drops have a low cure rate. Antifungal pills are toxic to the liver and have many side effects.  Nail removal requires wound care. This is why we offer painless, fast-acting non-invasive laser treatment combined with topical fungal drops. This treatment plan enjoys a much higher success rate than other options by using topical drops to kill the fungi on the surface of your nail while laser therapy targets deeper infected tissues to create a clearer nail.

Laser therapy

Unlike topical therapies, laser treatments penetrate deep into the foot tissue. It’s painless (no anesthetic required!) and does not damage any healthy tissue. However, you may experience warmth or tingling during the procedure. For most patients, it takes about 3-4 laser treatments to destroy the fungus. Your toenail will gradually clear as it grows out, taking six months to a year to return to its original form. After treatment, you can return to your regular activities without downtime. Although, our practitioners will recommend a follow-up visit to ensure that the nails are recovering and determine if further treatment is necessary

Topical fungal nail drops

During your treatment, to be extra sure we are eradicating your fungal nails for good, we also apply topical fungal nail drops. These completely safe, non-toxic drops are excellent for killing fungal cells on the nail’s surface. It’s usually ineffective on its own because the infection can penetrate deeper tissue layers where the solution cannot reach. 

Depending on your specific case, we may also file down the nail’s surface to reduce thickening and help the solution penetrate more deeply into the nail bed.

Your treatment, your way

We aim to design practical, realistic, fast-acting treatment plans that are at most a minor inconvenience and get you back to living healthy and pain-free as soon as possible. Through patient-doctor collaboration, we’ll work together to identify a proven, effective treatment plan that matches not only the needs of your condition but the needs of your specific situation and lifestyle.

Plan your visit

Have you thrown everything at your fungal nails and are now out of ideas? Don’t succumb to despair just yet—hope for a cure remains at Greenberg Podiatry. Our Ottawa-based clinic offers comprehensive care for all ages and the most modern, cutting-edge fungal nail removal techniques and treatments in the capital region. Together, we’ll find a treatment plan that will successfully correct your condition and prevent it from recurring.

Whether you’re an Ottawa resident or just visiting, take a step in the right direction and book an appointment with Greenberg Podiatry.