Routine Foot Care

For some, regular self-care can become too difficult to deal with alone. Mobility issues may prevent you from reaching your feet, or you lack the expensive, specialized medical tools needed to manage your recurring foot conditions. However, ignoring your foot care routine is a sure-fire way to develop serious, difficult-to-treat and life-threatening complications. Maintaining healthy feet through careful maintenance is key to a healthy, active life. For this reason, our team of experienced foot care practitioners offers personalized routine foot care services—to help you maintain mobility and independence and live free from pain and discomfort.

Is routine foot care right for you?

Routine foot care is a general service to help regularly maintain your overall foot health. Routine health care is excellent if you want to improve the look, feel and function of your feet or if you need expert-led self-care advice. However, we typically provide routine foot care services for those at risk of developing foot problems or serious, preventable complications or to relieve pain and discomfort. We recommend coming in for routine foot care if:

  • Your physical condition prevents you from managing your feet on your own (whether due to age, obesity, disability, diabetes, arthritis etc.)
  • If your foot condition (corns, calluses, nail disorders, athlete’s foot, fungal nails) needs regular treatment with expensive, specialized medical tools.
  • You prefer regularly treating your recurring foot condition instead of removing it with invasive surgery.
  • You have a health condition (diabetes, old age, cardiovascular disease) that requires a foot care practitioner to regularly assess and manage your feet’s health status.  

Don’t hesitate!

Foot conditions and injuries often worsen over time, so the earlier you seek treatment, the easier it is to optimize your future wellness and quality of life.

What to expect during your visit

Our evaluation process is straightforward and non-invasive, designed to quickly get to the root of the problem and develop optimal treatment options. During your visit, your evaluation may include:


  • A review of your past medical history and the history of your present illness or conditions
  • Comprehensive foot and lower limb inspection and physical assessment 
  • Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis: how you walk, stand and run, where your feet apply pressure, and how the energy generated from walking transfers through your body
  • Assessing your daily footwear and self-care habits
  • X-rays, vascular, dermatological or neurological exams and functional tests of all types depending on need

Foot problems are often associated with systemic, muscular, and skeletal health conditions throughout the body. We specifically look for signs of diabetes, kidney ailments, anemia, circulation issues, biomechanical problems, and other disorders that may require consultation with your family physician or another specialist.


Your foot care practitioner will collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Your session will vary depending on your condition and your specific needs; however, your foot care practitioners will likely offer some of the following standard routine foot care treatments:

  • Cleaning and hygienic maintenance
  • Trimming cuticles, ingrown nails or fungal nails
  • Debriding corns and calluses
  • Relieving ingrown nails
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturizer application
  • Toenail cutting and thinning
  • Applying topical medication, ointments, and dressings
  • Rehabilitative massage: Improve circulation, stimulate healing, and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Foot care advice and education: Tips and techniques for maintaining foot health and preventing future complications when away from our office: advice on proper footwear, hygiene, at-home, self-care practices, movement techniques, etc.

These treatments encompass the typical routine foot care session. However, your foot care practitioner may apply any of our available treatments during your session if needed.

Your treatment, your way

We aim to design practical, realistic, fast-acting treatment plans that are at most only a minor inconvenience and get you back to living healthy and pain-free as soon as possible. Through patient-doctor collaboration, we’ll work together to identify a proven, effective treatment plan that matches not only the needs of your condition but the needs of your specific situation and lifestyle.

For a more in-depth view of all the treatments we offer at our clinic, head to our Treatments and Devices page.

Plan your visit

Has your foot care regimen become too much for you to manage on your own? Neglecting your foot health is a dangerous path to tread, but reaching out for a helping hand is often all it takes to get back on the right track. Our Ottawa-based clinic offers comprehensive routine foot care for people of all demographics and the most modern, cutting-edge foot care techniques and treatments in the Capital Region. Together, we’ll find the treatment plan to keep you and your feet looking and feeling healthy. 

Whether you’re an Ottawa resident or just visiting, take a step in the right direction and book an appointment with Greenberg Podiatry.