Near Infra-red Light Therapy

We utilize both conventional and highly-specialized methods that could include both conservative and surgical techniques. X-rays and other diagnostic tests may be performed by a podiatrist. Surgery on an out-patient basis may involve the use of traditional open or minimal incision surgery. Custom orthotics may be prescribed to correct certain biomechanical imbalances and occasionally custom shoes may be prescribed. Therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, serial taping and padding are often used.

Foot problems are often associated with abnormal conditions in other parts of the body, both systemic and skeletal such as in back disorders. We specifically look for signs of diabetes, kidney ailments, anemia, among other disorders that may require consultation with your family physician or other specialist.

Early diagnosis and treatment of foot problems are worthwhile investments in overall good health. Unfortunately, major foot problems can result when people attempt to diagnose and cure their own foot ailments or neglect their feet altogether.