Approximately nine out of ten people will suffer from a foot problem during their lifetime. Unfortunately, most foot problems will not resolve independently and require medical intervention. Although conservative, non-invasive methods and techniques can resolve most foot problems, surgery may be necessary when these options fail to bring relief. Fortunately, with very few exceptions, modern surgical procedures use minimally-invasive techniques without the need for open incisions. Open surgery can cause significant damage to surrounding tissues, requiring an extensive hospital stay, pain, intense scarring and a lengthy recovery period. Our surgical procedures cause little scarring and little to no pain and do not require prolonged, painful rehabilitation. You’ll be able to leave our office the same day without assistance and any obvious visible evidence of your procedure other than a minor wound and bandage. 

Eliminate your foot condition for good—our experienced, qualified foot care practitioners can correct your foot and ankle condition using the most cutting-edge, minimally-invasive surgical procedures available today.

Why Consider Foot Surgery?

As with other treatment options, many people opt for surgery to eliminate pain and improve foot function and appearance. If your foot condition has shown resistance to treatment after treatment, surgery might be your only remaining option. Conditions that may eventually require surgical intervention include:

Sometimes though, depending on the condition, its severity and potential complications, leaving it alone or providing regular preventative maintenance may be sufficient. With corns and calluses, for example, it’s usually enough to keep them trimmed or regularly managed with at-home self-care measures. However, surgical removal may be best if your condition has become too painful, promotes secondary complications, if you are tired of recurrences, or for cosmetic appeal.

For treating most foot and ankle conditions, minimally invasive surgery is a very safe, efficient, low-impact procedure. Compared to traditional (open) surgery, it offers several benefits:

  • Less pain, scarring and tissue damage
  • Short recovery period following treatment
  • No extended, overnight hospital stays 
  • No downtime from your activities or mobility loss—you can usually return to life as usual immediately after the procedure
  • Increased precision—with computer-guided equipment
  • Pain prevention during the procedure only requires a safe local anesthetic

However, this may not be your best (or only) option. In rare circumstances, your foot care practitioner may recommend a more traditional approach. These procedures are also performed in-office and under local anesthesia, so you can return home immediately after treatment and with less discomfort compared to a hospital stay.  

Surgery is never a decision to take lightly. Only choose it after careful consideration and with a recommendation from your foot care practitioner. Interested in learning more about our surgical procedures? Head over to our Treatments and Devices page.

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We aim to design practical, realistic, fast- treatment plans that are at most only a minor inconvenience and gactinget you back to living healthy and pain-free as soon as possible. Through patient-doctor collaboration, we’ll work together to identify a proven, effective treatment plan that matches not only the needs of your condition but the needs of your specific situation and lifestyle.

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