Are you or someone you love suffering from pain and mobility problems and nothing seems to help? Has impaired foot function impacted your independence and quality of life? We understand your despair and frustration. This is why here at Greenberg Podiatry, we offer a different approach. Our experienced Podiatrists and Chiropodists, armed with the most advanced, cutting-edge foot care treatments available today, will succeed where others may have failed.

Our practitioners are highly competent foot and ankle experts, qualified to examine, diagnose and treat all kinds of foot disorders using mechanical, surgical or alternative treatments. At our office, we offer groundbreaking foot and ankle cares services for a full range of health concerns, including:

We’re committed to your overall well-being, meaning we also concentrate on mitigating future problems and not just your current foot concerns. We offer preventative measures to people of all ages and demographics, with special attention to groups at high risk of developing foot conditions or severe complications (people with diabetes or cardiovascular disease, children, the elderly, etc.). We even provide you with the tools and advice to care for your feet at home so you can avoid foot problems down the line.

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For our foot care practitioners, no case is too difficult to manage. We can provide proven, effective, personalized solutions to correct whatever foot or ankle disorders you may have. Infections, foot deformities, lesions, gait-related issues, and injuries of all kinds—we’ve seen and treated them all.

But don’t take our word for it—whether you’re an Ottawa resident or are just visiting, make an appointment with Greenberg Podiatry and see for yourself.